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Protected by the Cursed Gargoyle

What is fate but desire set in stone…

Running an antique shop is more dust and desk work than ancient artifacts and dodging boulders. Or so I tell myself when vampires attack, seeking a strange diadem my fingers itch to place on my head. Alone, outnumbered, I’m another loss in a war I don’t understand—only to be rescued by a high flying escape on wings of stone.

Onyx eyes don’t lie when my gargoyle guardian explains I’m a witch with a target on my back. His solemn vow to protect me feels as solid as his carved chest, and his chiseled arms offer a safety I’ve never known.

But he guards a secret that threatens to break the one relic I can’t salvage—my heart.

Cursed to stillness by day and living stone by night, I’ve spent centuries atoning for my failure and waiting. For her, for Gwen, my mate.

Her fiery spirit and stubborn determination draw me in like a moth to a flame, even as her reckless bravery tests the limits of my patience. With every glimpse of her untamed magic, I find myself falling deeper under the captivating witch’s spell.

But the shadows of my past are relentless, and Gwen is hunted by the same ancient evil that claimed my previous ward.
I vow to guard Gwen with my life, my love, my everything—even if the truth of my ruin shatters the bond between us.

Protected by the Cursed Gargoyle is a standalone paranormal romance novella in the My Monster, My Protector series. Perfect for fans of spicy fated mates, crafty heroines with dangerous destinies, and insistent, brooding bodyguard gargoyle heroes.

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